What is Sabotensmile?

saboten smileIf you want to enjoy Okinawa, come to Sabotensmile.
The stars shown up at the night, very quiet location.
Nago Beach is not far from here, you feel the nature and wild location of Okinawa.
BBQ is open every night, you can enjoy talking to the tourists and local people.
We look forward to meeting you at Sabotensmile.


147 Asahikawa, Nago-shi, Okinawa, Japan


2000yen per person per night

Picking Service

Picking Service available from Nago Bus Terminal(have to reserve until 1day before)


Show in large


Earthbag building uses polypropylene or another bag material to hold dirt that very closely resembles adobe and cob. These adobe, cob earthbags are filled on top of the wall scoop by scoop in order to avoid the heavy lifting and drying of 70 pound bricks.
Between each row of bags are usually strands of barbed wire adding further tensile strength to the structures.
These buildings are noteable due to their low cost in materials, low skill in building experience and outstanding strength and for their resistance to hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fire and termites. Of course, for their green eco friendliness and sustainability.


Rooms and Rates

Private Dormitory Rooms

We have 8 Private Dormitory Rooms
1 Day/2000yen per person

private domitory room

Private Room

We have 1 Private Room (Max 4persons) TV and Air conditioning
For 1 person 1Day/6000yen
For 2 persons 1Day/3000yen per person
For 3 persons 1Day/2500yen per person
For 4 persons 1Day/2000yen per person

private room



Selling beer, water and etc
Toilet and Shower for everybody
Private Room has Air conditioning
Dormitory has Air conditioning for everybody
TV, DVD and Fridge in the living room
Laundry(Free) and Dryer(100yen)
Nice lawn, riverside and wood-deck is open, you can enjoy beer outside!

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Open every night (1500yen)
Enjoy Okinawan Style and Special BBQ
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Nago Pineapple Park

pineapple park15 minutes by car
Pineapple is well-known fruit in Nago City.
You can see the pineapple farm and all you can eat pineapples for 500yen.
They sell lots of pineapple products here.



Churaumi Aquarium

churaumi25 minutes by car
This place is very famous and great for sightseeing.
located in Motobu, the large whales and many kinds of fish everywhere.
The Dolphin Show is recommended so much!


ORION Beer Factory

orion beer15 minutes by car
ORINON BEER is local beer in Okinawa.
In this place, you can look around the factory for free and enjoy fresh beer!
you need the reservation though, don't worry we book for you!


Nakijin Castle

nakijinjyo30 minutes by car
Okinawa has 9 Heritage Sites, Nakijin Castle is one of them.
It is famous for the Hikan cherries which bloom in northern Okinawa between mid-January and early February.


Kouri Island

40minutes by car
The Bridge for the island is about 2km long, you can walk or drive the beautiful scenery like heaven. The Kouri beach is also beautiful and able to swim.



By Car

90 minutes from Naha by car

By Bus

Express Bus(No 111)
105 minutes from Naha Airport to Nago Bus Terminal, Open 6:10 - Closed 18:15
We can pick you up for free from Nago Bus Terminal
(Available Only 15:00 to 18:00 and Need Reservation)



(Japanese or English)

Reservation from overseas needs to be paid in advance on the Paypal.
Reservation will be confirmed after the paying.


Contact us


(Japanese or English)


81-980-43-8414 (from overseas)
0980-43-8414 (from japan)


Staff can speak Jpanese and English(a little).

A veces Un personal puede hablar espanol tambien.
Estamos esperando los amigos de Latin America.
Vamos a comer Tacos Barbacoa juntos.